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US administration guilty of cyber terrorism? #stuxnet

What are they playing at?  A cyber pundit on Radio 4 this morning claimed that virus based cyber-weapons don't kill anyone.  Well perhaps not in cold blood but if the Stuxnet virus, targeted at Microsoft and Siemens enterprise software platforms (allegedly used by Iran in uranium production facilities), inadvertently spread and took down any part of Irans presumably already shambolic state infrastructure what is the end effect?  It would surly manifest in local economic instability, potentially disrupting any efforts at controlled welfare distribution, perhaps preventing regular workers getting paid and almost certainly staggering the regions growth.  All of that has a direct effect on innocent civilians, drives poverty and inevitably causes death.  And that's terrorism. 

Siemens systems are used the world over.  Are we expected to believe that Stuxnet was restricted in its viral capacity, to software developed by Siemens for specific Iranian uranium producing companies?  If so then perhaps the Obama Oil Company might be better speaking directly to the board and key shareholders of Siemens... or are they perhaps one in the same?   This affair stinks.  The US administrations' release of Stuxnet is at best an irresponsible and naive approach to covertly applying economic sanctions and at worst a weapon of mass destruction. 

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