Should the People’s Administration win the UK General Election 2010, a new administration will be formed instead of a new government. All current party manifestos will be merged into an on-line database and the people will become the decision-makers regarding all policy implementation via a national on-line voting system. Majority-voted policy will then be implemented by a reformed Parliament and the existing parties under the People's Administration, and so the people will govern the people, through the new administration.

The People's Administration is registered by the Electoral Commission as a mainstream party with the ability to form a government and implement parliamentary reform - should the majority electorate vote for the People's Administration in the UK General Election 2010.

Without centralised decision-making, the politicians, the religions, the non-elected lords and consultants, the corporates, the banks and hidden organisations of any nature, can not manipulate or influence the power any longer, as the power will be with every individual.

The UK Government's 'revolutionary' idea to make 'Digital Britain' the world leader in electronic communications is to upgrade current network infrastructure with new cables. Our idea to make Digital Britain the world leader in electronic communications is to upgrade Parliament with Digital Democracy.

It is an illusion that the people don’t already have total power. Whilst we don’t believe that we have total power, we don’t use it. When politicians tell us that they want to give us more power, they reinforce the notion that we don’t already have all of the power, and the illusion is maintained but, only because we do not realise that we already have ALL of the power.

This proposal is a mechanism through which the people can come to know through experience, that the people already have all of the power, and to then exercise this power for the positive.

As well as voting upon all policy implementation, the people themselves will also be able to propose policy ideas directly to the country via the website for a potential national vote and implementation by the People’s Administration and Parliament.

Our reform also means that anyone will be able to become a politician - as and when they choose. Through the People's Administration, everyone will be invited into the business of Parliament without discrimination on any grounds.

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Comment by Chris Thompson on June 10, 2010 at 19:19
Hey Alex, I see the result in a hung parliment as a victory in kind for PA. So what plans from here. Will PA stay in place as a party and compete for true democracy again?
Comment by People's Administration on April 20, 2010 at 11:35
Hi. I've had a quick scan of the doc you pointed me to and I will probably contact them and link to them after I've read it in full. The PA article was in Birmingham Mail on Saturday [only found out yesterday] and I'll send you the link to their archive version when they've uploaded it. It was a bit tabloid-stylee but it could have been worse and was a big article on page 9 so was pleasently suprised.

My last boss was Social Sciences Professor Dr Dick Richardson who has advised all governments over the last 30 years and is close friends to most of the labour cabinet. I met and started working with David Cameron through this job and both him and the labour guys have seen and rejected these ideas.

Some bloggers on some newspaper sites that my friends have seen are accusing Gordon of Stealing my ideas so it's quite funny really. Anyway I have real busy day and will check back soon.

Thanks again for your assistance.

ps - found a test case where void ballot paper was allowed using same method as PA proposing. [links on the 'Vote PA' page]:

Comment by Chris Thompson on April 20, 2010 at 10:13
Alex, you have to read this and get the author on board!
Comment by People's Administration on April 16, 2010 at 11:50
Hi. Please excuse if my last msg seemed abrupt - was really pushed for time and rushing it.

With regards to that issue, I have addressed it in the 'About PA' page but I have now also added an additional 2 para's to the home page.

I'd be grateful if you could have a quick read and let me know if I've sold it to you yet.

Again, your feedback is much appreciated and helping me to toughen things up a little and make things clearer for others.

Comment by Chris Thompson on April 15, 2010 at 22:59
Nice to see Brown proposing that the electret should be able to submit policies directly. Perhaps he would be interested in your proposed mechanic?
Comment by Chris Thompson on April 15, 2010 at 22:56
Congrats on the Post interview. You need national exposure!

I'm still struggling... I think everyone should have the right to decide how they wish to live their lives but I think the majority would defer policy priority and decision making to an elected central government. I think most working folk would concede that they don't have to time to digest the required information to make informed decisions.
Comment by People's Administration on April 15, 2010 at 15:37
Hi. I've consolidated the info re: Inet access. If you have the time I'd really appreciate if you could take a look and let me know what you think. It's on the 'How PA Would Funtion' page - link: Voter Account Set-up, Personal Security and Data Protection [last para].

The info was scatterred across the site but not together on one page and I see now that it needed to be. Thanks a lot and much appreciated.

RE: voter education issues:

In a true democracy, it is not for you, me or any minority to decide to let the majority voice their opinions on how they wish to run their own lives - itr is a question for the majority. This is generally the outlook of those who wish to control others because they have fear of how it may affect them personally.

All policies must be justified by their author so, it is the job of policy authors to educate the voter re any policies.

To assume that the majority is not educated enough to decide upon how they wish to live is patronising and controlling at least. We are all educated enough to be able to do this so, it is about whether we are able to take resposibility for it or not. What do you think about this?

ps; I've got a photoshoot tomorrow with Birmingham Mail - they're doing a feature so I'll let you know soon when it's published.
Comment by Chris Thompson on April 14, 2010 at 22:14
Could 'True' Democracy Work?

I read the section on Eliminating Political Corruption on the PA site. I'm not sure that this effectively addresses my main issue with the premis of PA... I don'y know if I trust the majority! How can they become knowledgeable enough to define national policy? Is this not best left to an a qualified elected minority, voted in by a majority, to dictate?
Comment by Chris Thompson on April 14, 2010 at 22:02
The Internet as an Inclusive Voting Mechanic

Hi Alex, I think I'm satisfied that access restrictions that the Internet potentially poses in terms of providing and inclusive voting mechanic could be overcome. Could you post your response here as a comment to the blog?


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