My idea starts with a re-arrangement of our current method of marking
the passage of time by making each week ten days long.

For convenience I have re-named the days:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Oohday, Aaahday, and Daveday though obviously the names for the three new days would bear a little discussion.

The benefits of this new system, while perhaps not immediately apparent, will be far reaching with a number of knock -on benefits both to society and the individual:

With this new ten day week, every job in the country can have two people who do it, one from Sunday to Thursday and the other from Friday to Daveday. Five days on. Five days off.

This will benefit GNP, as there will be no weekend lull in trading, and our country's economic growth will boom.

This will also benefit the individuals involved, as they will have more leisure time within which to relax and spend time with their families or loved ones.

This will affect binge drinking habits, as people won't rush out on Friday night anymore, desperately trying to
get as pissed as possible because they only have saturday and sunday to recover before work on monday (under the old system). They will be able to take their time and get more slowly inebriated over five days, in a
more refined and European fashion.

Of course, the concept of the ten day week can be expanded to tidy up the rest of the system too. As
you know, our year is 365 and a quarter days long. With the ten day week system in place, we can have 12 equally-sized 30-day months.

This will preclude the need to remember that awful non-rhyme at school: '30 days has september, april, June and november. all the rest have 31 except february which has 28 sometimes 29' . This is a terrible rhyme and has no place in a forward-thinking society.

I can almost hear you thinking: 'But that only adds up to 360 days.' Well, the remaining five days can be a special time of year, let's call it Unspecific Non-Denominational Inclusive Season of Festivity (UNDISOF), which the whole world takes off at the same time, at which point you get to meet all the people who normally work when you are off. Added bonus: UNDISOF will be one day longer every four years.

In all, this system caters for the State, the Individual, Children, Family Values, Brotherly Love, Neat Mathematics, Full employment, a decent festive season, and finally and perhaps most importantly, the system
accommodates the possibility of having a day called Daveday.

Join me, and let's have a ten-day-week future

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Comment by Chris Thompson on March 11, 2010 at 23:02
I love you. I'm behind this 110%. Daveday seems to me to a suitable title for day 10 as at the end of the day you Dave are the founder of the Ten-Day Week. The benefits speak for themselves. I'm especially interested in UNDISOF... As a fan of European culture (broadly speaking) a longer time in which to remove ones self from the 'day-to-day' for an extended period is very appealing. I wonder if UNDISOF should however fall on alternate end weeks of the Ten-Day Week year, thus enabling participants to enjoy a whole ten day break every other year and an eleven day break every eighth year (does that work of would you have to make the the extra day every 3rd or 5th year?) . What do think?

It seems to me that in order to drive adoption of the Ten-Day Week we need to start lobbying employers and perhaps trade organisations. In this case the naming of the additional days could perhaps be the catalyst for the realisation of the idea. I'm no economist but maybe should taget global organisations with the highest number of employees and suggest naming a day after them?


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