Keep It REAL - The Global Business Development Opportunity In Education

In the first quarter of 2011 emerging market hedge fund capital reached a record $121 billion.  My cousin just told me some primary schools in Ireland are offering parents 50% towards to cost of an iPad and iBooks.  Chinese students at a Miao village in Ziyun country attend school in a cave.  Significant beacons of hope in stabilising the economy of the so called developed world?  Investment in emerging markets and education is being limited every day; every time a marketeer invents some new-fangled acronym in a vain attempt to trend on Twitter; every time a hi-tech start-up creates some unnecessarily convoluted techno-babble description of it's code in an attempt to convince venture capitalists it has untapped value in it's intellectual property; every time we morph, twist and turn our language in the name of unmoderated capitalism.


I'm not suggesting we hold back growth but instead try with whatever means we have at our disposal to steer growth to where it is most effective, to stop being busy fools in other words.  I'm all for for iPad's in schools but if we fail to bridge the digital divide by constantly making it more difficult for emerging markets to catch up with our ever-so-clever 21st century vox, the technology revolution could become a fruitless era.  A historic age that served to destabilise the planet, that rather than unify served simply to switch global wealth and global depression from one hemisphere to another, footnoted for poorer countries developing their own infrastructure and the richer ones disappearing up their own GDP.  And it'll well done you lot as statues of Mr Gates and Mr Jobs topple.  Welcome to the developing west.  I'm sure this is the realisation at the route if their philanthropy but this is not a swipe at anyone in particular and I cannot plead total innocence.  For the sake of the kids though, let's try and keep it real huh!


Sources: Chinese students attend school in a cave:


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