Is There An App For That?: Personal Trainer

There are hundreds of course, ranging from free to the best part of ten quid.  And guess what, they're almost all identical.  The handful I checked out offer every variation on bending, stretching, and pumping iron together with all manner of cardiovascular conundrums, each promising optimised performance, well being and all round on-top-of-the-wordlesss as long as they are used regularly in combination with a balanced nutritional diet.  BORING!


If I'm not very much mistaken the main thing most of us need to accompany us on our journey to a healthier existance, be it in the gym or running around the park, is a soundtrack in-synch with our stride.  There are few things more frustrating than establishing your pace in time with Coldplay only to be thrown into breathless kimbo-legged cardiodisorder when Prince's ever so essential but entirely un-runnable doves start to cry.  Maintaining a rhythm to work out to is the basis of most aerobic regimes.  So, how about a  muscular metronome for those of us for whom regular classes are either a distant ideal or would rather stick pins in our eyes than surround ourselves with the fake tanned 'fitnessonistas' that regularly fight it out at our local leisure facility.


I propose a selection of simple body mass index based cardio workouts…  Enter weight, height, select general shape and fitness level, the amount of time you have and then let the device mix you a soundtrack based on the optimum beats per minute required to meet maximise your particular metabolic mission. No more stumbling to a adjust pace but instead a track list to entrance for the duration of the routine and take us to new dimensions of physical prowess!  If I could select a genre and plug into such as thing at the gym I might even be incentivised to go.


The technology to automatically mix and beat match records has existed for some time and the music library is easily accessed, either ones own device based collection or perhaps via one of the many new streaming services, all vying for market position.  The enhanced version of My [brand] Personal Trainer would of course keep personal progress records and, permissions enabled, post to Facebook leader boards and generally publish the various 'check me out' social status updates you'd expect. Now that's what I call iFit!


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