Has Anyone You Know Committed Digital Suicide?

Pilot for New Documentary Game Show - Call for Participants:

Most of us know somebody who for whatever reason has resisted the lure of the technology revolution.  We consider them purists who, with the odd exception such as Noel "I've only got six friends and I'm trying to get rid of four of them" Gallagher, appear to the rest of us live a near Mormon existence of paper, ink, snail mail and limited prospects.  Perhaps you have an acquaintance that refuses to own a mobile phone, citing what is arguably mankind's most significant invention since the wheel as a symbol of political inequality...


...But do you know anyone that has become so disenfranchised with all things 'dot com' that they've actually committed digital suicide?


To qualify they must have had a Facebook profile and at least one other social media presence.  They must also have subsequently tried to delete any trace of or completely reinvent their public online identity.  If this is you or if you know somebody whom you think has endeavoured to stamp out their digital shadow but may be open to sharing the story behind their actions publicly, to redress their digital fortune, then please get in touch by emailing editlife101@gamil.com.


All enquiries will be treated in strictest confidence.


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