Basic premise:

Turn up somewhere, possibly entirely inappropriate, and rock the f**k out with a portable guitar amp. Oh, and film it to go on YouTube. Costumes / camouflage may be required in order to blend in.


???? in rock god persona, ???? as cameraman.


For the sheer hell of it. But monetisation may occur via sponsored links on YouTube channel, commissioning to do PR stunts etc.

What is required:

Guitar - check

Portable amp - nope

Elephant-sized balls of steel - er, check

HD camcorder - nope

Web stuff - check on domain names, YouTube channel, Twitter account

Brand - thoughts in progress, clearly something a bit lo-fi, maybe Banksy inspired? Or is that too obvious?

Songs - as much as I would love to rock my original tunes, I think interpretations of well-known songs may work better (at least to start with)

Possible events / venues:

Shopping centre


Garden centre on a Sunday afternoon

In a lift

On the tube

In a pub

Any old street

Local authority events / openings

TV / film locations (intelligence from fellow resistance members essential)

Sports centre


Fast food establishments


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