Thanks to Andrew Michalak and Dave Clough this project now has illustrators. We are looking to partner up with an iPhone app developer for these books. Know anyone?

TITLE: That Elephant Will Not Stay Put!
DESCRIPTION: Children's Storey.
STATUS: Early stage abstract

This is a story about an elephant.
A restless elephant...
An elephant that would not stay put!

An elephant that got on a bus
He couldn't sit still.
Oh dear!

An elephant that went to the shops.
He couldn't decide want to buy.
How confusing!


An elephant that went on an aeroplane,
To fly around the world.
It couldn't take off.


An elephant on the ceiling.
How did he get through the door?

An elephant in my bedroom.
Will he be there in the morning?
I wonder!


The moral being never be scared to point out something that may be awkward to mention, 'an elephant in the room', for example.

TITLE: Gribs
DESCRIPTION: Children's Storey.
STATUS: Early stage abstract

TITLE: Hawkfly Daulderbush & The Trippyotamous
DESCRIPTION: Children's Storey.
STATUS: Early stage abstract


Hawkflies do exist, described here! A Trippyotamus is a clumsy Hippo (of course).

I'm very excited to meet the Trippyotamus and especially pleased that he exists and has a history. Hawkfly Dualderbush is equally thrilled as up until this point he has been homeless, bedding down in random allotments much to the annoyance of caterpillars. Hawkfly has a passion for adventure and will also provide a guiding muse to the Trippyotamus as the pair face untold adventures in...

TITLE: The Adventures of Polywinke
DESCRIPTION: Children's Storey.
STATUS: Early stage abstract

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Comment by andrew michalak on April 13, 2010 at 20:54
Little known fact- I went to college to learn graphics,specialising in illustration!Also got 3 daughters who love books! I'm thinkin simple line drawings, how many colours Chris?
Comment by Chris Thompson on March 12, 2010 at 14:06
That would be great! I think the Elephant is the one to kick off with. I'm imagine it to be really minimalist, one sentence and an image per page. As a Dad you'll know what I mean - up for anything else though. I'll try and evolve the story a bit, or feel free to suggest stuff.
Comment by Davos on March 12, 2010 at 12:51
I could try and illustrate these if you like. Hippos and elephants fall within my range.

Will throw up some preliminary sketches when I get a moment. Failing that I know a couple of really good illustrators in Preston, one whose style reminds me of Gerald Scarfe.


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