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Twelve Days of Christmas

A fly-on-the-wall documentary following 5 families from across the economic spectrum, over the twelve days of Christmas.

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How To Successfully Manage Your Digital Identity

Given the enormity of the playing field, it feels both daunting and exhilarating to be embarking on a venture of my own design for the second time in my career. After birthing and running a company for over 6 years, then letting it go, I honestly wasn’t sure I'd ever find another opportunity I could wholly commit to.

This time around however, I’m motivated not only because I have an amazing set of business partners, but because the problem that we’re…


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Data, Identity & HATs With Brands On

Image: Tokyo Fashion

Brands that empower consumers to openly access and use data related to their products and services will gain a competitive advantage in their market. Why? Because it is the context, the when, where and how we use a product that allows us to truly buy into its benefits. 

Weather physical, in the case of people being healthier by wearing a device that tracks exercise, practical, in the case of Nest making…


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Experiments in Interactive Video

This is one of the product videos from Land Rover's YouTube archive, including interactive overlays added using the free version of Wirewax (click above image to view).

This type of technology not only drives video content distribution but creates a direct path to conversion whilst delivering a plethora of engagement analytics that can be pulled into audience insight tools. Click the information…


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'Id' is for Idea

The Periodic Table of Content Marketing

I’d like to don my virtual cap to Econsultancy’s Chris Lake, for his glorious Periodic Table of Content Marketing.  It makes for a great content planning checklist.  There is however one small potential addition I’d humbly like to suggest Chris…

It’s that primary element that sits between strategy and execution from which all other elements flow. It is the…


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26 Tricks From Texas

Earlier this year I was asked to compile a list of highlights from SXSW (South by Southwest) – arguably the biggest multimedia festival on the planet. In case you weren’t aware it sees some 72,000 ‘creative technologists’ (and the like) stream through 10 days of music, film and interactive expos installed in the conference halls, hotels, clubs and bars of Austin, Texas. As ever, this year’s event comprised many illuminating and inspiring moments…


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iBeacon, Geofencing and The Humble SMS

The number of people using the fastest growing technology known to man (faster than radio in the 20s, TV in the 50s and the Internet in the 90s) is starting to plateau. We’ve all got mobile phones! Ok almost all – emerging markets are still ramping up to 100% penetration of handsets per head of population. That said, with almost ubiquitous global take-up of a device led form of communication, as with TV, one might expect the associated advertising practices to have become…


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UX Sweet Spots: Marketing X Product Development

Image: iTotal Control Advert by Cogent Elliott

I was going to call this post ‘Sex, Lies & Big Data’ and then realised how passé that is. I’ve kept it as the first line however as I have a hunch that it may have more search engine currency than its replacement. Whilst in part this post is about big data (and sex and lies), its wider coverage has I think given the vast majority of those that care an adequate understanding of its volume. This post…


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There's a Whale Under The Stairs

DESCRIPTION: Poem, Children's Book, Animation, App
STATUS: Seeking illustrator/animator

This is a true story based on the experience of a South African girl, recounted to me by a screenwriter colleague. It instantly inspired this poem.  It a tells of the quiet triumph of unlikely love, set against the juxtaposition of nature and apartheid.  I hope you like it:

There's a Whale Under The…


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Redesigning The Principals of Marketing

It’s great to be contributing to the structure of the University of Worcester’s marketing degree as part of a study conducted by Antonius Raghubansie, ex. Head of Marketing for Pepsi (DDL Group) and now Head of Subject and Senior Lecturer at Worcester Business School. The study is designed to update the theories and concepts taught to future marketing graduates. The interview I…


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Keep Warm This Winter @Channel4Online

A month ago TV producers and digital creative agency types gathered in Bristol for Channel 4's #Fuel4 UXxSW event, along with a handful of invited audience members, one from each of C4's viewer segments…  Facebook fatigued indie DJ 'Gadget Crowd' archetype, Karlie Pea, was planted with some of Channel 4's mutiplatform production partners as each table in the room and their respective audience persona was tasked…


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A Smoother Ride @CogentElliott

Work recently asked me to write a price for the monthly newsletter, which happend to coincide with the launch work we were doing for the new Jag F-Type.  A great excuse to wax lyrical and bedazzle folk with my techno-hack dexterity I thought!  I'm now regularly asked, "So what will you be doing to give us all a smoother ride today huh, Chris?"  Here's why...


Cogent View: Digital…


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Power to The People @stephen_wolfram #bigdata

Consumer empowerment for Facebookers (if you are one you have to try this!).

As we…


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When Will The App Bubble Burst?

Blowing Up The Bubble

Tech research giant, Gartner, estimates 17.7 billion apps were downloaded in 2011 and that's conservative compared to mobile analytics firm, Flurry, who have it at 25 billion and are projecting 50 billion in 2012.

Of the 6 billion mobile subscriptions (87% of the global population) only 500 million are smartphones, projected to grow to a modest 631 million (Gartner again) during…


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Pimped Pinterest Page for The Persuasive People at @CogentElliott

Emotions aside, here’s some lessons learnt for brands on Pinterest…

  1. Make the desired landing page (the product page in Ecommerce terms) the source of the image
  2. Keep it pretty, a well organised set of boards increases repeat eyeballs

  3. Tailor your boards to your audience (rather than your whims – OK, we may loose the emoticons)
  4. Comments act like searchable tags beyond…

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US Administration Guilty of Cyber Terrorism? #stuxnet

What are they playing at?  A cyber pundit on Radio 4 this morning claimed that virus based cyber-weapons don't kill anyone.  Well perhaps not in cold blood but if the Stuxnet virus, targeted at Microsoft and Siemens enterprise software platforms (allegedly used by Iran in uranium production facilities), inadvertently spread and took down any part of Irans presumably already shambolic state infrastructure what is the end effect?  It would surly manifest in…


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Now that's what I call advertising! Genius

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Samsung Blog-Olympics Competition - Win 2012 Tix

Samsung are offering bloggers from all over the world a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an ambassador blogger in London during the Olympic Games. Bloggers will be able to share their personal experience of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the different cultures that make up the city; capture the 'taste of London' uncovering the best the city has to offer; and to broadcast their experiences to the world on the specially created Samsung blog…


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How will @google #ARglasses clip over my existing specks?

Perhaps with an upgrade and my Google account will just plug into them...

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Personalisation vs Privacy

Beware Marketeers, US Citizens Want Liberty Online:

Demographically targeted, location based, contextually relevant direct marketing surly hits the campaign budget to conversion ratio target smack bang in the middle, creating a super-satisfied brand ambassador of a consumer t'boot. Whilst that may be the aim of many a marketing initiative new research from Washington DC's Pew Internet &…


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I set up Who'd of Thought It in 2010, as a blog and place to share and develop ideas. 

It evolved into a small community and forum to post thoughts and canvass feedback, with me entertaining the notion of perhaps collaborating on and publishing some of the content to a wider audience. After gathering some initial traction (there are some novel concepts in the archive) other ventures took precedence.

'WoTI' now serves as a occasional pleasure, scrapbook of ideas and guest posts from those who dare. But never say never!

Enjoy. Chris Thompson

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