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There's a Whale Under The Stairs

DESCRIPTION: Poem, Children's Book, Animation, App
STATUS: Seeking illustrator/animator

This is a true story based on the experience of a South African girl, recounted to me by a screenwriter colleague. It instantly inspired this poem.  It a tells of the quiet triumph of unlikely love, set against the juxtaposition of nature and apartheid.  I hope you like it:

There's a Whale Under The…


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Keep warm this winter @Channel4Online

A month ago TV producers and digital creative agency types gathered in Bristol for Channel 4's #Fuel4 UXxSW event, along with a handful of invited audience members, one from each of C4's viewer segments…  Facebook fatigued indie DJ 'Gadget Crowd' archetype, Karlie Pea, was planted with some of Channel 4's mutiplatform production partners as each table in the room and their respective audience persona was tasked…


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A Smoother Ride @CogentElliott

Work recently asked me to write a price for the monthly newsletter, which happend to coincide with the launch work we were doing for the new Jag F-Type.  A great excuse to wax lyrical and bedazzle folk with my techno-hack dexterity I thought!  I'm now regularly asked, "So what will you be doing to give us all a smoother ride today huh, Chris?"  Here's why...


Cogent View: Digital Insider – Chris…


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Power to The People @stephen_wolfram #bigdata

Consumer empowerment for Facebookers (if you are one you have to try this!).

As we…


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US administration guilty of cyber terrorism? #stuxnet

What are they playing at?  A cyber pundit on Radio 4 this morning claimed that virus based cyber-weapons don't kill anyone.  Well perhaps not in cold blood but if the Stuxnet virus, targeted at Microsoft and Siemens enterprise software platforms (allegedly used by Iran in uranium production facilities), inadvertently spread and took down any part of Irans presumably already shambolic state infrastructure what…


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Now that's what I call advertising. Genius!

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Samsung Blog-Olympics Competition - Win 2012 Tix

Samsung are offering bloggers from all over the world a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an ambassador blogger in London during the Olympic Games. Bloggers will be able to share their personal experience of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the different cultures that make up the city; capture the 'taste of London' uncovering the best the city has to offer; and to broadcast their experiences to the world on the specially created Samsung blog…


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How will @google #ARglasses clip over my existing specks?

Perhaps with an upgrade and my Google account will just plug into them...

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Personalisation vs Privacy

Beware Marketeers, US Citizens Want Liberty Online:

Demographically targeted, location based, contextually relevant direct marketing surly hits the campaign budget to conversion ratio target smack bang in the middle, creating a super-satisfied brand ambassador of a consumer t'boot. Whilst that may be the aim of many a marketing initiative new research from Washington DC's Pew Internet &…


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When Will The App Bubble Burst?

Blowing Up The Bubble

Tech research giant, Gartner, estimates 17.7 billion apps were downloaded in 2011 and that's conservative compared to mobile analytics firm, Flurry, who have it at 25 billion and are projecting 50 billion in 2012.


Of the 6 billion mobile subscriptions (87% of the global population) only 500…


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A small story that might just change the world: #theinsatiablemoon

I was lucky enough to chat with producers of The Insatiable Moon recently, before I'd seen the film...


 After watching it this is what I emailed to Rob:


"Congratulations on one of the most profoundly moving films I think I've ever seen.  I don't mind admitting I literally sobbed - not during but after taking in The Insatiable Moon.  I…


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Multiplatform TV Infographic by Imano


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Has Anyone You Know Committed Digital Suicide?

Pilot for New Documentary Game Show - Call for Participants:

Most of us know somebody who for whatever reason has resisted the lure of the technology revolution.  We consider them purists who, with the odd exception such as Noel "I've only got six friends and I'm trying to get rid of four of them" Gallagher, appear to the rest of us live a near Mormon existence…


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Multi-platform Emotional Response Television Revolution @Channel4Online @charltonbrooker

Well we've all shouted at the telly right, cheered, groaned, chastised or perhaps, on occasion, even gulped in wide eyed amazement.  But when was the last time that the telly responded based on your expression, as though it was listening directly to you, as though the broadcast was not a broadcast but a conversation unfolding based on your emotional engagement with its content.  A sort of impossible free flow of ideas…


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Is There An App For That?: Free Viewpoint TV

Imagine this in 360 around a football stadium controlled by a touchscreen device.  Humm...…


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Exhilo Bass Spring - nice creative @_BKKR @DediPower

Nice creative from Bekker for new Exhilo 'dropbox+biz dev tool' (as fas as I can gather).  Supported by four hundred bass transducers of the “bodysonic” floor at London’s Fabric club!


EXHILO | Brand film from KORB on Vimeo.

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Angry Birds Capture & Torture Call Centre Operator

Slides form my thankfully well received recent talk on state of the appmosphere.  Presented this at the Linkedin Digital Marketing group get together in London.  Cheers all who attended.  Details of next event coming soon...

Find more information like this on Who'd of Thought It!…


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What's Your Customers' APP.etite?

DIY software as a service (SaaS) solutions for everything from Facebook stores to mobile and tablet apps are popping up all over the web like whack-a-moles.  But what kind of experience do you want to offer your customers?  If yours is a straight forward stack em' high sell em' cheap model…


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Is There An App For That?: 3D Video Camera

Nope, there is no actual 3D video camera app.  Whilst there is an app called '3D Camera' it just displaces the image slightly and applies an RGB light filter to the displaced layers creating that effect you get in 3D Movies, viewable with 3D specs.  One way to kill a bit of time with your 3D movie pals I guess but not for techno-hipster futurologists like me.…


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