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What's Your Customers' APP.etite?

DIY software as a service (SaaS) solutions for everything from Facebook stores to mobile and tablet apps are popping up all over the web like whack-a-moles.  But what kind of experience do you want to offer your customers?  If yours is a straight forward stack em' high sell em' cheap model you may be able to tick the 'must have an app' box and derive some short term…


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Back to their roots on their very own Ambush Reality label distributed through PIAS are heavy-techno-pop-punk-metal masters of the mosh pit... Enter Shikari.  Anyone who's been to a show will appreciated the devote allegiance of the Shikari faithful.  Great to see the boys flying the flag of independence and flying in the faces just about everyone else.…


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Is There An App For That?: 3D Video Camera

Nope, there is no actual 3D video camera app.  Whilst there is an app called '3D Camera' it just displaces the image slightly and applies an RGB light filter to the displaced layers creating that effect you get in 3D Movies, viewable with 3D specs.  One way to kill a bit of time with your 3D movie pals I guess but not for techno-hipster futurologists like me.…


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America finished 2010 $1,293 Billon down. Imagine Obama's books this year...

The White House is still calculating its 2011 deficit.  The Big Apple's official fiscal year end is September.  Still plenty of time for creative accounting before numbers are published I guess.  In stark contrast the growth curve for mobile apps, smartphone adoption and associated revenues is steeper than Radio adoption in the 20's and 30's, Television in the 1950's and Internet growth in the 90's.  Seems the tech…


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I set up Who'd of Thought It in 2010, as a blog and place to share and develop ideas. 

It evolved into a small community and forum to post thoughts and canvass feedback, with me entertaining the notion of perhaps collaborating on and publishing some of the content to a wider audience. After gathering some initial traction (there are some novel concepts in the archive) other ventures took precedence.

'WoTI' now serves as a occasional pleasure, scrapbook of ideas and guest posts from those who dare. But never say never!

Enjoy. Chris Thompson

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