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Firstly thanks for becoming a member of Who'd of Thought It!  Secondly apologies for the lull in contact.  Over the last 18 months WoTI has evolved from a social media experiment into a community blogsite.  It started on the back of an idea for a book, evolved into a small community and now serves as a platform to evolve ideas, incubate projects, gain exposure, feedback and attract investment...


I want to update you on a bunch of changes:

  • The new anchor line, ART, TECHNOLOGY, POLITICS & INSPIRATION is based on popular keywords from your Blogs.
  • The whole network is now public!  Ideas rarely evolve unless they are shared!  This also helps increase search engine rankings.
  • We've reformatted the site to focus on the blogging aspect, Facebook and Twitter integration
  • If you submit a blog post, once approved it's now published:
    • On our new Facebook page, selected Facebook profiles and Fan pages
    • On Linkedin
    • On Technorati
    • On Blog Catalogue
    • In the new daily WoTI updates email (see GET NEW POSTS under the member sign-up on the home page
  • Additionally a monthly digest of posts will be sent to all members

Sharing Revenue

I'd also like to position a potential commercial model with you.  We've added 3rd party advertising to the right of website's home page.  This is powered by Google and currently generates a small contribution towards the running cost of the site.  Aside for any private opportunities realised via WoTI I'd love to get your feedback on the idea of sharing advertising revenue with regular WoTI bloggers.  It's a long shot to commercial sustainability and growth but an idea that could help grease the wheels of innovation.  Please post feedback here:

Updated Mission Statement

  • Our aim is to foster ethical exploitation of creative ideas whilst delivering investment opportunities and ongoing stakeholder value.
  • We exist because we believe a balanced global economy requires moderation of economic growth, which can be affected through ethical exploitation of creative ideas.  
  • We stand for ethical exploitation with the appropriate apportionment of value to all stakeholders.

Best regards,



WoTI Editor


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I set up Who'd of Thought It in 2010, as a blog and place to share and develop ideas. 

It evolved into a small community and forum to post thoughts and canvass feedback, with me entertaining the notion of perhaps collaborating on and publishing some of the content to a wider audience. After gathering some initial traction (there are some novel concepts in the archive) other ventures took precedence.

'WoTI' now serves as a occasional pleasure, scrapbook of ideas and guest posts from those who dare. But never say never!

Enjoy! Chris Thompson

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