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There's a Whale Under The Stairs

DESCRIPTION: Poem, Children's Book, Animation, App
STATUS: Seeking illustrator/animator

This is a true story based on the experience of a South African girl, recounted to me by a screenwriter colleague. It instantly inspired this poem.  It a tells of the quiet triumph of unlikely love, set against the juxtaposition of nature and apartheid.  I hope you like it:

There's a Whale Under The Stairs

Once there was a whale

And once there was a girl

The girl lived by the sea

And it in, the whale

The girl and the whale were separated

By their lives

Once there was a storm

The whale fought the waves

But the sea was too strong

And the whale was washed ashore

The girl found the whale the next day

Lying still, on the beech

The girl told her father

Who buried the whale

Deep in the ground

Where it waited, and waited, until one day

The girls father dug up the whale

All that remained were its bones

The girl and her father gathered the bones

And took them home

They put the whales bones in boxes

And left them under the stairs, where they stayed

The girl grew older and her farther grew old

The whale stayed under the stairs

Once there was a boy

Who married a girl

Whose father shared a secret with the boy

About how to build a whale

So the girl and the whale were re-united

By their lives

The Beginning...

I have very flexible ideas for each illustrated scene and I'm looking for a creative talent to help bring them too life. The animation element is key. There is no publisher or big celebrity opportunity. The project's success is down to the material and my marketing skills! It is the first of a seriers shorts…


Posted by Chris Thompson on June 16, 2013 at 21:30

Keep warm this winter @Channel4Online

A month ago TV producers and digital creative agency types gathered in Bristol for Channel 4's #Fuel4 UXxSW event, along with a handful of invited audience members, one from each of C4's viewer segments…  Facebook fatigued indie DJ 'Gadget Crowd' archetype, Karlie Pea, was planted with some of Channel 4's mutiplatform production partners as each table in the room and their respective audience persona was tasked with coming with a new concept for Channel 4.  I was on Karlie's table.  As we got to know her by quizzing her likes and dislikes it emerged that in between second screening activities during Hollyoaks, as an industrious creative herself, Karlie knits iPhone cases.  Someone jokingly said, 'Keep warm this winter with Channel 4' and this smartphone winter warmer was born. 

Where will it go from here?  Perhaps a seasonal C4 ident, maybe a cult fashion accessory for connected TV types or could it even spark a trend in knitwear for robots?  Whilst not the groundbreaking TV concept that our table collectively came up with (that would be telling), it's a lovely unexpected output of the #Fuel4 mission and an example of organic creativity that smartphones can wear with pride! (let me know if you'd like the knitting pattern)

Thanks Karlie, thanks Channel 4 Online.

Posted by Chris Thompson on December 7, 2012 at 15:00

A Smoother Ride @CogentElliott

Work recently asked to write a price for the monthly newsletter, which happend to coincide with the launch work we were doing for the new Jag F-Type.  A great excuse to wax lyrical and bedazzle folk with my techno-hack dexterity I thought!  I'm now regularly asked, "So what will you be doing to give us all a smoother ride today huh, Chris?"  Here's why...


Cogent View: Digital Insider – Chris Thompson

We have all become digital animals. Our personalities extend in microwaves and fibre-optics. As a race we are networked together more profoundly, more synchronously and arguably more harmoniously than any of us could have imagined prior to the digital age. Over two billion people are online, that’s the majority of the developed world. The result is mass hyper-consciousness. Our collective emotional state ebbs and flows as the value of our newfound globalised social media currency washes over broken economies with the gluttonous immediacy of ‘digital’, moderated only by our willingness to partake and the burgeoning socio-economic gap that is the digital divide.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, British Telecom former Chief Technical Officer, Peter Cochrane, recently prophesied that if the UK did not significantly increase investment in the infrastructure to support cloud based computing, our economy will fall much further behind. Like Peter, I firmly believe that that gap between rich and poor will be defined by connectivity (or lack of it). This is why I get up in the morning. This is why I come to work. And this is why I work in advertising as a Creative Technologist, a native digital animal, slave to technology and the idea that driven by creativity it can engage everyone, embrace new markets and develop new opportunity.

I guess the reasons many of us do what we do date back to our childhood. For me, my calling…


Posted by Chris Thompson on November 7, 2012 at 13:30 — 1 Comment

Power to The People @stephen_wolfram #bigdata

Consumer empowerment for Facebookers (if you are one you have to try this!).


As we mature, get over our privacy issues and realise we can trade with our personal data, consumer empowerment will grow to become the next big thing.  Its a matter of time before a brand produces something like this in order to 'protect' its customers. I'd hedge my bets on Experian being first to market with it in the UK… or perhaps Barclays!

Posted by Chris Thompson on August 31, 2012 at 10:00 — 1 Comment

US administration guilty of cyber terrorism? #stuxnet

What are they playing at?  A cyber pundit on Radio 4 this morning claimed that virus based cyber-weapons don't kill anyone.  Well perhaps not in cold blood but if the Stuxnet virus, targeted at Microsoft and Siemens enterprise software platforms (allegedly used by Iran in uranium production facilities), inadvertently spread and took down any part of Irans presumably already shambolic state infrastructure what is the end effect?  It would surly manifest in local economic instability, potentially disrupting any efforts at controlled welfare distribution, perhaps preventing regular workers getting paid and almost certainly staggering the regions growth.  All of that has a direct effect on innocent civilians, drives poverty and inevitably causes death.  And that's terrorism. 

Siemens systems are used the world over.  Are we expected to believe that Stuxnet was restricted in its viral capacity, to software developed by Siemens for specific Iranian uranium producing companies?  If so then perhaps the Obama Oil Company might be better speaking directly to the board and key shareholders of Siemens... or are they perhaps one in the same?   This affair stinks.  The US administrations' release of Stuxnet is at best an irresponsible and naive approach to covertly applying economic sanctions and at worst a weapon of mass destruction. 

Posted by Chris Thompson on June 8, 2012 at 9:00

Now that's what I call advertising. Genius!

Posted by Chris Thompson on April 19, 2012 at 10:05

Samsung Blog-Olympics Competition - Win 2012 Tix

Samsung are offering bloggers from all over the world a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an ambassador blogger in London during the Olympic Games. Bloggers will be able to share their personal experience of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the different cultures that make up the city; capture the 'taste of London' uncovering the best the city has to offer; and to broadcast their experiences to the world on the specially created Samsung blog www.samsungglobalblogger.com.

If you would like to take part, you’ll need to record a 30 second video stating why you should be picked to come to London and submit it online at www.samsungglobalblogger.com. Entries will be accepted from March 30ththrough to the 22nd April.

British chef, Jamie Oliver, is part of the Samsung Global Blogger campaign. As a lover of food and flavours he has recorded a video which will explain why he feels London is the greatest city in the world and why you should apply to take part and experience the unique ‘taste of London’ for yourself. You can watch the video on the Samsung Global Blogger website here.

Posted by Chris Thompson on April 5, 2012 at 18:00

How will @google #ARglasses clip over my existing specks?

Perhaps with an upgrade and my Google account will just plug into them...

Posted by Chris Thompson on April 5, 2012 at 14:44


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